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Project 251

Logan Miller /// Jul. 27, 2020 /// Portfolio Vol. 4

Color 251

Project 251 is the first large illustration project that I took on. The image began as a small idea between an optimistic boy and a fabled girl, which slowly developed into a place to learn new artistic techniques. 251 has gone through several iterations, including a version that is based in daylight. The premise of each illustration is to tell a story and capture a moment in my life that I hold onto dearly. 251 is no exception, and just so happens to be the first. 

1. Process

Pen 251

Every Illustration begins with an analog sketch, in this case with a digital pen. All of the work done for this particular project was completed in Adobe Illustrator, a challenge set by myself to see how far I could stretch the program's capabilities. The final iteration uses a blended gradient with a high detail roughen texture in order to make the grass shape. This turned out to be more realistic, as the roughen tool allows for the integration of gravity.

zoomed in

A closer look of the fore-grass used in the final image, where the individual blades of grass add a lot of detail into the vector image. Using different tools and unorthodox methods to create simple aspects within an image is what tricks the viewer's eyes, selling the overall story that the Illustrator is trying to express. 

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