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Wooden Waterfall with birdies

Acetone Degradation Platform

Logan Miller /// Nov. 20, 2017 /// Portfolio Vol. 1

This project was one of the first I ever converted from a physical form into a digital manifestation. Occurring during my first year of undergraduate school at the University of Tennessee, our goal was to transform a Styrofoam cube by applying acetone to it. The resulting form was natural and out of the designers' control, forcing students to craft a structure on an irregular and foreign object.


After the degraded cube had been scanned and imported as a digital model, ideas about keeping the overall form of the structure natural and organic began to arise. The cube itself formed a downward slope after the acetone was applied to it, doubling down on the idea of negative motion. A 'wooden waterfall', a three story observatory, came as a result. The building itself is not functional, but the process and the concept in general proved to be influential in the overarching scope of my undergraduate education. 

Wooden Waterfall with birdies p. 2

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